Adopted   13 October 2015








Grace Baptist Church (hereafter GBC) has adopted the following Child Protection Policy to help protect children and vulnerable adults. It is important that all GBC paid staff and volunteers understand and implement this policy to help prevent abuse or neglect of any kind against children and vulnerable adults.




1.    Provide a safe and secure environment for children, youth, vulnerable adults and adult workers.


2.    Assist GBC in evaluating a person's suitability to supervise the activities of children, youth and vulnerable adults.


3.    Assure parents that all staff, paid and volunteer, has been screened in accordance with the contained procedures.


4.    Respond to reported incidents of sexual abuse and other types of abuse or neglect.  The response will include ministry to alleged victims, perpetrators and their families with an aim to restoration.


5.    Minimize or eliminate the possibility of false accusations of sexual or other types of abuse or neglect.




The following terms used in this document are defined as follows:


1.    Paid Staff:


Any GBC pastor or employee who is paid.


2.    Volunteer:


Any unpaid person who is entrusted with or directly oversees the care of children, youth or vulnerable adults.


3.    Teenage Volunteer: 


Any teenager, under the age of 18, who desires to work with children, youth or vulnerable adults.



4.    Worker: 


Paid Staff or Adult Volunteer.


5.    Child/Youth/Minor:


Any person who has not reached his or her 18th birthday or the age of majority as defined by state law.


6.    Adult:


Any person who has reached his or her 18th birthday or as defined by state law.


7.    Perpetrator: 


Anyone who has committed any of form of abuse or neglect involving children, youth or vulnerable adults.


8.    Vulnerable Adults: 


Special needs adults as defined by state law.


9.    Sexual Abuse:  


Any form of sexual contact or exploitation in which a child is being used for the sexual stimulation of the perpetrator. It may be violent or non-violent and includes behaviors that involve touching aspects (fondling, oral, genital and anal penetration, intercourse, forcible rape) and non-touching aspects (verbal comments, pornographic videos, obscene phone calls, exhibitionism and allowing children to witness sexual activity.)


10. Emotional Abuse: 


Verbal or nonverbal conduct including mental exploitation, degrading communication, or humiliating or threatening conduct that may or may not include bullying or as defined by state law.


11. Physical abuse: 


Any physical injury to a child which is not accidental, such as beating, shaking, burning, bullying or biting.



12. Neglect: 


Depriving a child of their essential needs such as adequate food, water, shelter or medical care.


13. Escort: 


An appointed or volunteer adult who will remain with a sexual offender whenever he or she is present on GBC property or in attendance at a GBC sponsored event where children, youth or vulnerable adults are present.


14. Activity Permission: 


Written authorization to attend GBC children, youth, vulnerable adult activities where the parent or guardian is not present.


15. Officer(s) of GBC: 


Any Pastor or elected officers as defined in the GBC bylaws.



Section I Policy


GBC’s will ensure that:


1.    All people working with children, youth or vulnerable adults shall be screened and authorized prior to working.


2.    All people working with children, youth or vulnerable adults shall follow the GBC supervision procedures.


3.    Known sexual offenders are not allowed free access to GBC property and facilities.


4.    All reported allegations of abuse or neglect at GBC, or at any off site GBC sponsored children, youth or vulnerable adult activity, are properly investigated.




Section II Procedures


Staff and Adult Volunteer Screening and Authorization Procedures


The following screening procedures are to be followed for all workers who are entrusted with the care and supervision of children, youth or vulnerable adults. All information collected will be maintained in confidence.


1.    Time Requirements


No volunteer will be considered for any GBC position involving contact with children, youth or vulnerable adults until he or she is a member in good standing or has been involved with Grace Baptist Church on a regular basis for a minimum of six (6) months.  This time of interaction with the applicant between GBC leadership and the applicant allows for better evaluation of suitability for working with children, youth or vulnerable adults.  These time requirements shall not be construed to disqualify anyone currently working with children, youth or vulnerable adults at the time of adoption of these policies and procedures.  Any exceptions to the time requirements shall be approved by the Deacon Board upon the recommendation of one or more GBC Church leaders.


2.    Written Application


All persons currently working with or seeking to work with children, youth or vulnerable adults must complete GBC’s written application form. Applications will be screened by the Superintendent of Christian Education or a GBC Pastor. 


3.    Personal Interview


After screening, a face-to-face interview may be scheduled with the applicant by the Superintendent of Christian Education to discuss his or her suitability for the applied for  position applied for.


4.    Reference Checks


Before an applicant is permitted to work with children or vulnerable adults, at least two of the applicant’s references will be checked by the Superintendent of Christian Education or a GBC Pastor. The references checked should be of a ministry or personal nature as opposed to employer or family references with priority to churches or organizations where the applicant has worked with children or vulnerable adults in the past. The reference checks shall be documented


5.    Criminal Background Check


A national criminal background check is required for all GBC paid employees (regardless of position) and for the following workers:


·         Those who will be involved in all children, youth or vulnerable adults programs.  This includes but is not limited to Sunday School, Children’s Church, Clubs, Nursery, Youth Group meetings, GBC sponsored off site activities, church-sponsored athletic team coaches and summer programs.

·         Those who will be involved in overnight activities with children, youth or vulnerable adults.

·         Those counseling children, youth or vulnerable adults.


Before this check can be run applicants must sign an authorization form allowing the church to request the background check.  Failure to sign the authorization form or failure to disclose any criminal conviction will disqualify the applicant from working with children, youth or vulnerable adults.


A copy of the results of the background check will be provided to the applicant.

Generally, convictions for an offense involving children, youth or vulnerable adults, violence, dishonesty, illegal substances, indecency or any other conduct contrary to GBC’s Constitution and Statement of Faith will disqualify the applicant from working with children, youth or vulnerable adults.


This requirement will apply to all existing workers as well as new applicants.


Periodic updates may be required as deemed necessary by the Deacon Board.


6.    Teenage Workers


·         Must be at least age 13.

·         Must be under the supervision of adult workers

·         Shall never be left alone with children, youth or vulnerable.

·         Prior to working with children, youth or vulnerable adults, must complete an application and be screened and approved by the Superintendent of Christian Education or a GBC Pastor.

·         The presence of a teenage worker at any activity shall not be used to satisfy the two adult procedures under supervision procedures.

·         A teenage worker who passes his or her 18th birthday must then comply with all the requirements of an adult volunteer to continue working with children, youth or vulnerable adults.



7.    Confidentiality


All information obtained pursuant to these screening and authorization procedures shall be retained by GBC in a secure manner. Access to this information shall be limited to GBC officials, or appointed positions with supervisory, or oversight responsibility except for release to civil authorities pursuant to legal requirements.


Supervision Procedures


1.    Two Adults


Whenever possible, a minimum of two unrelated adult workers will be in attendance at all times when children, youth or vulnerable adults are being supervised during GBC classes and activities.  Some classes may have only one adult worker in attendance during the class session; in these instances, the Open Door Procedure will be followed.


2.    Open Door


On occasions, when only one adult worker is present with children, youth or vulnerable adults the doors will remain open unless there is a window in the door or a side window beside it.  Doors will remain unlocked when children, youth or vulnerable adults are present.


3.    Activity Permission


On Site -- GBC workers will obtain written permission signed by the primary adult that includes primary adult, alternate adult and emergency adult contact information including phone number as well as any special information such as medical conditions that the workers should be aware of.  GBC will provide written information about the activity. 


Off Site – When the activity is a GBC sponsored off site activity the permission must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.


4.    Transportation


When transporting children, youth, or vulnerable adults for GBC activities, the two worker rule shall be followed whenever possible.



5.    Nursery Check-in/Check-out Procedure


A security check-in/check-out procedure will be followed.  Check-in will include contact information by completing a nursery contact information form if the information is not on file, or updating the information if necessary.  The child or vulnerable adult will only be released to one of the adults included on the child’s or vulnerable adult’s contact information form.  In the event of an emergency where none of the adults listed on the contact information form are available, the following procedure will be followed.  Two GBC staff or adult volunteers will remain with the child until the child can be returned to a valid contact or a parent or legal guardian.


Nursery staff may photograph the child or vulnerable adult with the person bringing the child or vulnerable adult for identification purposes.  This photo would be kept on file with the other contact information.


6.    Nursery Restroom Guidelines


A worker will escort the child to the restroom, and the worker will first check that the bathroom is empty then allow the child inside.  The worker will remain outside the bathroom door and then escort the child back to the nursery. If the child is taking longer than seems necessary, the worker will open the bathroom door and call the child’s name. If a child needs assistance, the work will leave the bathroom door and stall door open as he or she assists the child.  Parents are strongly encouraged to ensure that their children visit the bathroom prior to class. 


7.    Children’s Church/Classes Restroom Guidelines


If the restroom door is observable from the meeting area, one child, youth or vulnerable adult at a time may be released to use the restroom, otherwise an adult worker will escort the child, youth or vulnerable adult to the restroom and wait outside the restroom to escort the child, youth or vulnerable adult back to the meeting area.



8.    Sick Child


To maintain a healthy and safe environment for all the children, youth or vulnerable adults anyone displaying the following symptoms will not be allowed to attend activities or nursery:

·         Recent fever, diarrhea, or vomiting

·         Green or yellow runny nose

·         Eye or skin infections

·         Other symptoms of communicable or infectious disease


Children, youth or vulnerable adults, observed during the activity, to be ill will be separated from the others. A responsible adult as listed on the permission form or nursery contact form will be contacted to pick up the child, youth or vulnerable adult.


9.    Administering Medications


GBC workers will not administer prescription or non-prescription medications to children, youth or vulnerable adults.


10. Prohibited Products 


Alcoholic beverages, tobacco, drugs, contraband, or anything that is prohibited by law to children.


11. Co-educational events


To the extent possible, GBC events that are co-educational will have both male and female chaperones.


12. Physical Contact with a Children, Youth or Vulnerable Adult


All contact shall be based on the needs of the child, youth or vulnerable adult, not on the needs of the volunteer or paid staff. In the event a minor initiates inappropriate physical contact the worker will inform the minor that such contact is inappropriate.


13. Discipline of Children, Youth or Vulnerable Adults


When children, youth or vulnerable adults do not respond to verbal correction, a contact, parent or legal guardian will be contacted to resolve the situation



14. Physical Restraint


Restraint of children, youth or vulnerable adults shall only be done to prevent them from abusing or endangering themselves or anyone else.


Known Sexual Offender Procedures


Although God can clearly forgive all sin, including sexual sin, the consequences of sexual offenses even when forgiven can be far reaching. 


Recognizing that forgiven sexual offenders may wish to attend GBC, GBC will do all possible to guarantee the safety of children, youth or vulnerable adults when a known sexual offender is present on the property or premises of GBC. 


The known offender must adhere to specific guidelines that will be established on a case by case basis by the deacons in consultation with the Pastor.  As part of this process always check with the offender's probation/parole officer for any restrictions regarding attending services or other functions where children, youth or vulnerable adults are present. Ask the probation/parole officer to put any restrictions in writing.


GBC reserves the right to exclude any individual from participation who presents a threat or does not adequately comply with restrictions established by GBC.


If restrictions don't prohibit participation, implement the following four guidelines and any other restrictions deemed necessary.


·         A known sexual offender cannot participate in any child or youth programs in any way.

·         A known sexual offender can only participate in predetermined services each week.

·         A known sexual offender must report in and be assigned an escort who will accompany him or her at all times.

·         The identity of the sexual offender will be disclosed to the congregation.



Response to Children, Youth or Vulnerable Adult Abuse or Neglect


GBC will respond promptly to investigate any accusation of abuse or neglect of any nature. All accusations of abuse will be taken seriously. It is important to be appropriately respectful to the needs and feelings of those who allege abuse and those who have been accused of abuse.  In keeping with Christian concepts of admonition and discipline, to the extent possible, all parties shall maintain strict confidentiality throughout the investigation and corrective processes.


When an allegation is made involving abuse, the person reporting the complaint is to be told about the guidelines and procedures to be followed. The Pastor or an appointed person will begin investigating the allegations and may use the assistance of GBC officials, legal counsel or other consultants. If the Pastor is the individual accused of sexual abuse, then the Chairman of the Deacons will conduct or appoint a person to conduct the investigation.


The investigation will be conducted as follows (some of these steps may not be needed in all cases).  If in doubt err in favor of strict compliance and/or consult with the appointing authority.):


1.    Report the incident to appropriate authorities in accordance with state mandatory reporting laws. Reference to Washington State appropriate law and or administrative code.


2.    Report the matter to GBC's insurance carrier.


3.    Cooperate with authorities and the insurance carrier.


4.    GBC may suspend (with pay for paid staff) the alleged offender while a confidential investigation is being conducted.


5.    Upon completion of the investigation, the person conducting the investigation (and legal counsel or other consultants) will then meet with the deacon board of GBC, meeting as a prudential committee, and present a report on their investigation, which will include findings and recommendations of actions.


6.    Upon acceptance of the investigation report, the GBC deacon board in consultation with a Pastor will be responsible for ensuring the application of the recommendations.


7.    Official(s) of GBC will meet with the alleged perpetrator and notify him or her of the
results of the investigation and recommendations for actions.



8.    Official(s) of GBC will meet with the alleged victim, along with his or her parents or legal guardian, and notify them of the results of the investigation and recommendations for actions.


9.    During and after the investigation, Official(s) of GBC shall maintain contact with the alleged victim and his or her parents or legal guardian and inform them of the actions taken and assist them in their process of healing.


10. Official(s) of GBC (and legal counsel or other consultants) may meet with the alleged perpetrator, the alleged victim, and any others with knowledge of relevant facts.


11. Official(s) of GBC will communicate with criminal and civil legal counsel of GBC when needed.


12. Official(s) of GBC will communicate with those affected by the ministry of the alleged perpetrator.


13. GBC may hire a consultant or assign a spokesperson to respond to media or prepare a statement for release to the media if the need should arise, subject to the approval of GBC's attorney.



All workers will be required to familiarize themselves with this document and annually sign an acknowledgement form.

Child, Youth or Vulnerable Adult Worker Application

This application is to be completed by everyone who desires to be involved in children, youth or vulnerable adult ministries of Grace Baptist Church.  Completion of this application helps ensure the highest level of safety and excellence in our ministries.  Its contents are confidential.  If you need more space than is provided to respond to any question please write on the back or attach your response on an additional sheet.  PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY.  Thank You.


            Last                                          First                              Middle

Previous name(s), if any:                                                                                                                                  

Present address:                                                                                                                                             

Phone                                      Cell Phone                                           Email                                                

Gender:  Male Female    Maiden Name                                                 Nick Name                                         

Marital Status (check all that apply):  Single __ Married __ Separated __ Divorced __ Remarried __ Widowed __

Spouse’s Name (if married)                                                                                                                              

Do you have children?        If yes, please list names & ages                                                                          


How long have you been attending Grace Baptist Church?                       Are you a member?                            

List churches you have regularly attended in the past 5 years (if any) and a pastor or staff member as reference.


Church attended                        Phone/City/State                       Pastor/Staff Member                 Years Attended


Church attended                        Phone/City/State                       Pastor/Staff Member                 Years Attended


Church attended                        Phone/City/State                       Pastor/Staff Member                 Years Attended

List any current involvement in ministries/volunteer work at Grace Baptist Church or in the community, if any.                                                                                                                                                                               

List all previous church work identifying the church and type of work, if any                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

List any leadership positions you have held outside of the church setting, if any                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Have you accepted Jesus as your Savior?           If, yes where?                                     When?                       

Have you been baptized?           If yes, where?                                                   When?                                   

Do you have a regular habit of Bible reading & prayer?                If not, will you begin?                                     

Describe how you became a Christian.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

How has your relationship with Jesus Christ made a difference in your life?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Do you agree not to teach beliefs contrary to Grace Baptist Church’s Constitution and Statement of Faith?         

Do you have any physical challenges or conditions preventing you from performing any activities relating to any aspect of children, youth or vulnerable adult ministries?                   If yes, please explain                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Have you ever been the subject of a child abuse investigation                 If yes, please explain                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Have you ever participated in, been accused or convicted of, or plead guilty or no contest to any abuse or sexual misconduct of any kind?          If yes, please explain                                                                                      

Have you ever been convicted of, or pled guilty or no contest to a crime other than a minor traffic violation, or are you now under charges for any criminal offense?               If yes, please provide details.  A criminal conviction will not necessarily disqualify you from consideration, depending on the circumstances and date of occurrence.  Use additional paper or write on back if necessary.

Please list three references (not relatives or former employers):

                                                                                                                                                                         Name                                      Phone                           Address                              How long have you known

                                                                                                                                                                         Name                                      Phone                           Address                              How long have you known

                                                                                                                                                                         Name                                      Phone                           Address                              How long have you known


Please list your educational background:

High School                                                                                                                                                    


                 Name                                Graduate?         Year                 Degree or Course of Study

Other Please Specify                                                                                                                                       

What day(s) and time(s) are you available for ministry?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

In what area(s) of ministry are you interested in being involved?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Background Check Authorization for Release of Information

I hereby authorize Grace Baptist Church, its employees, agents, professional investigators, or any representative of Grace Baptist Church, to perform investigations into my background, past behavior, character, and reputation.  These investigative reports may include, but not be limited to criminal history or arrest records, motor vehicle records, military records, or other sources of information.

I authorize custodians of the records of any agency or company as described herein to release such information upon request of any investigator, agent, or representative of Grace Baptist Church.  I understand that any or all of these investigations or inquires can be performed prior to and periodically throughout the duration of my tenure as a volunteer or employee of Grace Baptist Church.

I understand that the information requested is for the use by Grace Baptist Church and may not be disclosed except as authorized by law.  I understand that I will receive a copy of any investigative report results when received by Grace Baptist Church.

I believe to the best of my knowledge that all information I have provided on my application is accurate, true and correct and that I fully understand the terms of this Release.  I indemnify, release and hold harmless Grace Baptist Church, and any agents of Grace Baptist Church, or others reporting to or for Grace Baptist Church, any investigators, reporting agencies, and all those supplying references and character references, from any and all claims, defamation, demands, and/or liabilities arising out of, or related to, such investigators, disclosures, or admissions.

Should my application be accepted, I agree to be bound by the Constitution, Declaration of Faith, Bylaws and Policies of Grace Baptist Church, and to refrain from unscriptural conduct in the performance of my services on behalf of Grace Baptist Church.


Copies and facsimile transmissions of this authorization that show my signature are as valid as the original release signed by me.


   Print Name (Last, First, Middle)                                                   Social Security Number     



    Birth Date (Month, Day, Year)                                                     Telephone Number         



        Applicants Signature                                                                      Date         



    Grace Baptist Church Representative Signature                                                  Date         


Nursery Contact Information

                                                                             /   /                                            Boy    Girl                  

Child’s Name                                                    Date of Birth (Year/Month/Day               Circle One


Address                                                City                  Zip                   Phone #


Parent’s Name                                                                                       Phone #

Please include the name, relationship and phone # of a person who can be contacted in the event you cannot be reached.



Please list any allergies, disabilities or medical information that we should know about.







Signature                                                          Phone #                        Cell # if available



Activities Permission/Medical Release and Contact Information

  Insert information specific to the Activity. 

  Time and date, Title, Registration info, etc.

Name of Minor Child (please complete separate forms for each minor child)


Grade Level (please circle one)


Student:             K  1  2  3  4  5  6 

Youth or Volunteer:  7  8  9  10  11  12

Address (include city and zip code)

Home Phone:



Cell Phone:


Name(s) of Parent(s) or Guardian(s)

Father’s Work Phone:

Mother’s Work Phone:

Please list Allergies, Physical Limitations and any other Medical Conditions we should know.



I hereby state that I am the parent or legal guardian of the above named minor child.  I hereby give my permission for                                                                  to participate in (insert activity title), which is scheduled for (insert the times and dates).

It is my understanding that adult leadership from Grace Baptist Church will be supervising all activities.  I also understand and agree that I will forever hold Grace Baptist Church and/or its representatives harmless from any liability or claim which may arise from said child’s participation in these activities.

I further understand and agree by signing this form that I am giving my permission to Grace Baptist Church and/or its representatives to obtain emergency medical treatment from a licensed medical doctor or emergency aid workers should the herein named child become ill or be involved in an accident requiring emergency care.  I understand that Grace Baptist Church will attempt to contact me first, however, in an emergency situation, Grace Baptist Church will act in the interest of the child and call for emergency medical assistance immediately.  I also understand and agree that I will be responsible for any and all fees and charges that may be incurred from obtaining emergency medical treatment.

Understood and agreed this                   day of                        , (insert year).


Signature of parent or legal guardian

The following persons are allowed to pick my child in the event I cannot:  (please include Names and Phone Numbers).







Child Protection Policy Acknowledgment


These guidelines have been designed to guide and assist you when working with minors. The information establishes general practices and guidelines and should not be construed in any way as a contract of employment or continued employment. Grace Baptist Church reserves the right to make changes in the content or application of this program and to implement those changes with or without notice.


The terms defined herein are defined for the purposes of the program and do not suppose or establish a legal relationship. These terms are not defined for the purposes of creating a legal relationship with Grace Baptist Church or any related or associated entity and instead are to be used with this document.


I have received a copy of Grace Baptist Church's Child Protection Policy and Procedures. I understand it is my responsibility to become familiar with and adhere to the information contained herein. I understand that these policies are the property of Grace Baptist Church.


Print Name